Welcome to the Bay of Plenty Pipes & Drums Tuition!

Are you interested in learning the mesmerizing art of playing the bagpipes or drums? Look no further! At Bay of Plenty Pipes & Drums, we are excited to offer comprehensive tuition for aspiring bagpipers and drummers. While we may not claim to be experts, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for these traditional instruments.

As the development band to the esteemed City of Tauranga Pipe Band, which proudly holds a Grade 2 ranking, we understand the importance of nurturing new talent and preserving the rich heritage of bagpipes and drums. Our band currently holds a Grade 4B ranking, making us the ideal place for beginners to start their musical journey.

Here’s some information about our tuition and membership fees:

Membership Fees:

Learners: $60 per year

Full Members: $120 per year (once learners progress and become full members)

Requirements for Bagpipers:

Practice Chanter: Pipers will need to purchase a practice chanter. Don’t worry; we will advise you on the best options to get started.

Tuition Book: We’ll also guide you on the essential tuition materials to help you learn and progress.

Requirements for Drummers:

Drum Pad: Drummers will require a drum pad to practice. We’ll assist you in selecting the right one.

Drum Sticks: You’ll need a set of drum sticks to play. We’ll provide recommendations for suitable options.

Additional Services:

Bagpipe Hire: For aspiring pipers, we offer the option to hire sets of bagpipes for $100 a year, allowing you to get started while saving up to buy your own set of pipes.

Drum Provision: We provide drums for our drummers to use during practice and performances.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some experience, our tuition is tailored to suit your skill level. We offer a friendly and supportive learning environment where you can develop your musical talents while becoming a part of our vibrant piping and drumming community.

Join us at Bay of Plenty Pipes & Drums, and together, we’ll embark on a musical journey that’s rich in tradition and camaraderie. Contact us today to learn more and take your first step towards mastering the bagpipes or drums!